Reblog if you’re a lesbian.




i guess i recorded an ice bucket challenge today after i got my wisdom teeth out ??

I’m crying😂😂😂



Anonymous asked:
You're finally old enough to drink 🙌 how did you celebrate your 21st?

I knooww haha I got shit wasted 😐

femmmmele asked:
Hi pretty :)


krzysiek5223 asked:
Heyy whats your youtube username ? im wondering if you have more awesome songs in your favorites on youtube :P I heard soo many tracks I love in your playlist here :D

lol don’t have anything on my YouTube.

Anonymous asked:
hiii how are you cutie :P?

I’m okay ☺

Anonymous asked:
hey how are you :)?? whats your name :)?

I’m okay. Lol my name is Gladys ☺

Anonymous asked:
Above and beyond are coming to my city and you should come 🙌

I wish 😔

talk to me I’m bored.. ya