do you ever just have that one person you have a tiny subtle little crush on and it’s just never going to go away

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Anonymous asked:
I want to take you out on a nice lunch date and get to know the real you, I want you to see that there are some people out there who are possible of giving you the love you want and deserve

that is so sweet of you xo 🙈

White girls are ruining my life 😩😍❤🙈


johnyr asked:
You are, that person just hasn't come along yet. And those around you don't see the beauty and potential you have in you. It's true we probably wouldn't date ourselves, but there's someone in this world who would. Someone who loves you the way you are and nothing less. Don't feel to down or out about it. Maybe that person will come around one day. But just bc we are single or nobody finds interest doesn't mean we aren't special. Because we are. We fucking are.

you, my friend are so sweet

this made my night a whole lot better 😭

I’m never good enough or pretty enough for anyone ….

it’s okay. I understand.

I wouldn’t date myself either.